Slavery in America

Slavery in America

Slave Trade 

African Slave Trade Gain a good understanding of how and why the slave trade began.

Slavery in America Summary of slavery in America. Included multi-media resources. 

PBS: Africans in America: Americans Journey Through Slavery This site includes comprehensive information beginning with the slave trade and ending with the Civil War.

Slavery and the Making of America: Teachers, PBS Listen to slave memories and 
learn about life as a slave.

African Americans in the British New World. Scroll through the pages for detailed information on a variety of slavery topics. 

Middle Passage 

Middle Passage This site provides good background information.

Middle Passage A general summary of the Middle Passage. 

Underground Railroad

PBS: The Underground Railroad An introduction of the Underground Railroad 

Historama: The Underground Railoard An introduction to the Underground Railroad, including important facts, timelines and more. 

Scholastic: The Undergound Railroad Summary. Explore a slideshow about the Underground Railroad. 

Scholastic: The Underground Railroad Media Review primary sources (photos, documents, letters, etc) about the Underground Railroad. 

Ducksters: The Underground Railroad A brief summary of the Underground Railroad.

National Park Service: Underground Railroad Activity Book Research the Underground railroad through activities! Also filled with great information about abolitionists. 


African-American Abolitionists  Learn about the African-American Abolitionists.

The Abolitionists. Watch videos about many different abolitionists 

Civil War and Slavery 

Timeline of the Civil War This timeline focuses that on the important dates during the Civil War.

Emancipation Proclamation 

About the Emancipation Proclamation  This site shows the free states and the slaves states in 1860 as well as explains the Emancipation Proclamation.

Other Topics 

The History Guy: Slave Rebellions and Uprisings in the U.S. Brief information is given about the major slave rebellions.

Antebellum Slavery Learn about plantation life and the conditions of antebellum slavery.
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