Attendance Policy


In order to fulfill the goals of the Moultonborough Academy philosophy and abide by NH State law, students must attend school. For each day a student has an excused absence, they will be given one day to make up missed work. Students must attend school a minimum of five (5) periods the day of a school-related function or event (the day before for weekend events) in order to attend the event, unless excused in advance by the administration. To encourage attendance, Moultonborough Academy has the following attendance policy.

Restored Absences Students will be allowed to miss class, without penalty for any of the following reasons:

  1. A health care provider's note stating the need and listing the days the student will remain out of school signed by the health care provider and received by the school within 5 days of the absence. Students who have reached their fifth absence and who, for legitimate reasons, are unable to go to a health care provider, may contact the school nurse.
  2. A death in the family followed by a note from a parent/guardian and presented to the office within five school days of the absence stating the specific reason for the student's absence.
  3. A family trip, limited to five (5) days per year - a note is to be presented to the office from a parent/guardian at least five school days in advance of their trip.
  4. Any other out-of-the-ordinary event may be approved at the discretion of the Principal.


Administrative Failures

Students who miss five or more classes per quarter without the above stated reason(s) - written - will receive no higher than a grade of 64.49 in all classes affected. Only those students with the above stated and approved reason(s) will be allowed to have missed classes restored for the quarter. Warning letters will be sent to parents whenever possible.

Excessive Absences If the Principal feels that any student is absent an excessive amount of time, and without

sufficient reason, he may take disciplinary action and warn the student's parents or guardian that non-attendance at school may be detrimental to the child's performance. Also, legal proceedings may be instituted against the parents or guardian under the provision of Chapter 193 of the New Hampshire Statutes.

Cutting Class/Truancy Students cutting a class will be reported to the office by the teacher, receive a zero for the

class missed, and receive an administrative detention. Subsequent "cuts" will be disciplined as necessary.

Students who have ten or more unrestored absences in a quarter will be reported to the authorities for truancy.


Appeal Process for Attendance Policy

Any parent/guardian or student, who does not feel that the attendance policy has been administered fairly by the school administration, may appeal the ruling to the Principal. The parent/guardian or student should write a formal letter within one week of receipt of notification stating the reason for such an appeal and present a copy to the Principal.

Any parent/guardian or student who is not satisfied with the Principal's ruling may request a hearing with the Superintendent of Schools - in writing.

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